Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to make Pea Pod wine

·          Wash and slice the pea pods
·          Put them into a 5 gallon brewing bucket pour 8 pints of boiling water over them
·         Leave for 4 days to infuse. Clean and sterilise the demi-john
·         Measure the liquid and add sugar, lemon and orange juice and yeast to the demi-john, place air lock and leave in a warm place (65 to 75 Fahrenheit to ferment.
·         When the bubbling as stopped, the wine should then be stirred.
·         Leave for 3 or 4 days to settle
·         Strain the liquid into a clean and sterilise demi-john using a thick muslin cloth or something similar, making sure you fill it to the brim, cork and leave for 6 months
·         Pour into bottles, cork and leave in a cool dark place. Leave to stand for at least a few more months before you drink it. It should be ready to drink.
    Hope you enjoy. It will take about a year with most wines from start to finish. There are several ways in which you can speed this up, however I’m old fashioned and do it the old way that my father showed me many years ago. It worked for me over the years, wine is thing that shouldn’t be rushed. I hope that you will enjoy your pea pod wine, it’s really nice a strong white wine. Just don’t be put off with the length of time it takes to make. It’s rather rewarding to taste the wine that you have made.Take care and all the best with the wine making

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